2016 First Day Letter

Walton High School Choral Department

1 August 2016

Dear Walton Chorus Students and Parents:

WELCOME!  We are very pleased that you are a part of the Walton Choral Department.  This year will hold musical experiences that you will treasure your entire life.  Now for your first assignments:

  1. Please log-in or create your Walton Chorus CHARMS account by following the instructions listed on the back of this letter. If you are new, please be sure to “Update Info,” “Add NewAdult” and “Save Changes” so that we may contact you and your parents. Returning students, be sure that all information is correct, including your

t-shirt size.

  1. Please visit the Walton Chorus website, http://www.waltonchorus.com. This is our official information source, including our Handbook, which you will sign that you have read on the Emergency Medical form.  You will find Booster Club Donation, uniform purchasing and spirit wear links here.
  2. Please complete and return the county-required Blanket Fieldtrip and Emergency Medical Forms by Friday, August 5. This will be your first quiz grade.
  3. Please view the 2016-17 Chorus Calendar, also on the Walton Chorus Website and mark your family calendars accordingly. Parents, note the Chorus Parents Meeting on Tuesday, August 2 at 7:00 PM in the Walton Theater.  All of the important non-curricular information that you need will be covered at this meeting. Students will receive 10 lettering points for sending a parent to this valuable meeting.
  4. Thank you for considering becoming a Walton Chorus Booster!

We are honored to be your directors.  You are now a part of a tradition of excellence whose future depends on you.  Take your place in Walton Chorus with enthusiasm, pride, and dedication.

Best wishes,

Dr. Jana Williams, Director

Ms. Maggie Taylor, Assistant Director

1590 Bill Murdock Road

Marietta, GA  30062

Phone: 770.578.3225 x 251

Fax: 770.578.3227

E-mail: jana.williams@cobbk12.org