Fashion Show Air Date Changed to April 24, 2021

Dear Chorus Families,

We are hoping this message finds you well in the midst of continuous change.  With that said, we have two messages we would like to share with our families.  These have been announced in class, but we want to ensure the word gets out, therefore sending this email to all students and families.

First, many have asked about lettering points.  Jana and Maggie have reviewed the lettering points and added activities and opportunities for the students to earn additional lettering points this year since the landscape of opportunities for chorus students has changed.  The lettering form has been updated with an addendum and 3 new opportunities to earn points. Please scroll to the last page to see these additions.  As always, many points can be earned selling Fashion Show tickets and Raffle tickets which will soon open up for students.  The details on lettering can be found on the chorus website and for your convenience here:

Second, with all of the new cases of Covid-19, students in quarantine either with the virus or due to contact tracing, we have decided as a board to push out the Fashion show date by 2 months.  Our change is meant to allow opportunities for students to participate who may be limited with the state of environment now.  As always, we want to allow students opportunities while also fundraising to support Walton Chorus’ needs and this allows more student opportunities to do so.  The New date for filming of the event is now March 27, 2021 with the Fashion show airing on April 24, 2021.  Please mark your calendars for April 24th as this will be an event you won’t want to miss.

As always, we thank you for sharing your students with Walton Chorus.  It is a joy and pleasure to hear them singing each day bringing happiness through their lovely voices.  Thank you to Jana and Maggie for all they do for our students each day, to the Board for their tireless efforts to pivot in this storm and a big thank you to Glynis and Vicky who are putting together an amazing event for Walton Chorus with many new challenges due to our current circumstances that they navigate, without question, with the students, safety, and success in mind.

With best regards for an amazing 2021,

The Walton Chorus Board