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Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!

Walton Chorus is growing, and with growth comes expense.  The Booster Club spent a minimum of $108 per student last year and we expect to spend more in 2017-18.  Though Cobb County supplies Walton with the basic tools to run a chorus program, it is with the support of the Booster Club that Walton is able to do all the things that make the Chorus program so successful and outstanding. A very small portion of the choral budget comes from Cobb County, the rest comes from the support of the Booster Club. In order to maintain our tradition of excellence, we are implementing an annual Student Membership Fee of just $50 for each student.

Your Student Membership Fee helps to offset the many expenses incurred throughout the year, such as:

  •  uniform t-shirt
  • access to resources provided by the Walton Choral Booster Club including (but not limited to)
    • Sheet music for all pieces presented at concerts and LGPE
    • Arrangements
    • Accompanists in the classroom and at concerts
    • Concert Musicians
    • Clinicians
    • Awards
    • Scholarships for seniors
    • Concert Videos for classroom instruction
    • Concert Venues
    • LGPE registration for every student
    • Refreshments at concerts and LGPE
    • Website, Charms, and other communications

We depend on fundraising to produce the funds that enable us to present the students with the best music and equipment possible. Because we value our students’ and parents’ time and resources, Walton Chorus Boosters have designated two primary ways of raising funds to support our program:

1.  Booster Club Sponsorship
2.  Fashion Show and Silent Auction

Your generous donations are critical to ensuring the continued success of the Walton Chorus, and many companies will match your donation! Here are the new 2017-18 Booster Sponsorship Benefits:

WaltonChorusSponsorship 2017-18

*The membership fee is per student.  If for any reason this membership fee presents a financial burden for your family, please contact the Booster Club President for assistance or to initiate a payment plan.

Gold and Platinum donations can be paid in installments – please contact the VP of Donations at donations.waltonchorusbooster@gmail.com to make arrangements.

Donation levels are by family. There is a place on the registration form to indicate your company matching information, and this WILL count toward your Sponsorship Level! (booster levels will be verified after submission of a copy of your email confirmation or a screen shot of your completed entry)

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The Walton Choral Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed to assist the Walton Choral Music Department.  It is governed by a board consisting of the elected Booster Club Officers, Committee Chairpersons, and the Choral Directors.