Congratulations to the 20-21 Chorus Student Officers


Leah B


Kareena B, Social Media

Gabe E Lettering

Riya V, Tri-M and Fine Arts Diploma Seal

Concert Managers

Austin D

Ellie Kate C


Audrey B, Head Librarian

Emma W

Natalie K

Clara R

A Cappella Co-Presidents

Gabrielle B

Anna M

Bel Canto Co-Presidents

Kinley C

Mary Elizabeth T

Camerata Singers Co-Presidents

Hannah B

Carter C

Men’s Ensemble Co-Presidents

David H

Jake L

Select Women’s Ensemble President

Lindsay J

All-State Chorus Chairperson

Gabriella P

9th Grade Treble Choir

Nairita S, President

Ansleigh S, Vice President

Varsity Women President

Kaitlyn T

Teacher Apprentices

Peyton S

Kaitlyn T

Sarah T

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 A Cappella and Select Women’s Ensemble

A Cappella 2020-2021

Lyndsey A
Madison A
Kareena B
Leah B
Gabrielle B
Sam B
Audrey B
Kiana C
Alex C
Ella C
Evan C
Jack D
Austin D
Trevor D
Michael D
Gabe E
Emoni E
Sophie F
Isable G
Sophia G
David H
Ansley H
Adam H
Emma H
Daniel H
Tony K
Parker K
Bruce L
Jake L
Anna Mu
Gabriela P
Ashley R
Katie S
Megan S
Ansleigh S
Nairita S
Kaitlyn T
Riya V
Eliza W

Select Women’s Ensemble 2020-2021

Emily A
Lily A
Abby B
Sophie B
Anna B
Jillian B
Hannah B
Jordan B
Sarah B
Sarah C
Olivia C
Maggie D
Norah D
Emma-Kate E
Amanda E
Emily F
Rose F
Kaye G
Anne H
Sydney H
Julia H
Sadie H
Olivia H
Lindsay J
Hanna L
Kathryn L
Laura M
Sabrina N
Sophie P
Ellie P
Maddie P
Katelyn Q
Sarayu R
Clara R
Georgia R
Jillian R
Grace S
Kathrine S
Elise S
Samantha S
Peyton S
Lauren T
Sarah T
Rose W
Graycen W
Margo W
Emma W

How can I earn the additional lettering points I need by April 24th?

With lettering points due this Friday, here are Mrs. Allyn’s answers to some common questions that may be helpful to you:

1. How can I earn the additional lettering points I need by Friday, April 24th?

At this point in the year, the only way to earn fundraising points is to donate to the Booster Club OR submit a picture of your transcript indicating you took an online class this year or over the summer (see #3 below for more information). If you need regular lettering points (i.e. if you were planning to attend a choral concert and write a critique for 25 regular lettering points), you may write a one-page, double spaced critique of 2-3 songs sung by one of the choirs on the suggested choir list below, creating a mini-online concert of your own, since attending one is not an option at this time. Critiques are due to Mrs. Allyn at by Friday, April 24th.

2. Donate your uniform by Friday, April 24th

Another way for seniors to earn lettering points is to donate their formal concert attire by Friday, April 24th. All uniforms can be left on Michelle Dobo’s front porch at any time without needing to speak to anyone. 3345 Robinson Farms Court 30068. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Dobo or 404 429-7355 (cell).

Please see the points breakdown for uniform donations below:

15 points for the dress
5 for the pearls
10 for girls shoes
30 for a tux (10 for each individual piece – jacket, pants or shirt)
20 for boys shoes
5 for a bowtie
5 for the garment bag

3. I took online classes last summer and/or his year that I planned to get credit for, how can I get lettering points credit for taking those classes by Friday, April 24th?

If you can take a picture or a screenshot of your transcript or a previous report card with the indicated classes highlighted to show you took them, you will be awarded the appropriate amount of points in CHARMS. If you do not have a copy of your transcript and need to get one, you can e-mail Mrs. Shrenk from the Records Room at Pictures are due to Mrs. Allyn at by Friday, April 24th.