CHARMS is an online comprehensive system that allows us to track student and parent information, track lettering points, manage payments and communicate with parents and students.

 Students and Parents use CHARMS to:

Update personal information: Verify, enter and keep you and your student’s contact information updated, including student t-shirt size for their uniform shirt

–  Make Payments: Make payments if you choose to pay via credit card

–  Form Management: Access forms, find out which forms have been collected and which are outstanding

How To Instructions:
  • Click the red “GO TO CHARMS” button below.
  • Enter your student’s Walton Student ID NUMBER as a Student Area Password. Once you have first entered this ID number, you will be prompted to create your own, unique password, which should be a minimum of 6 characters.
  • Next click on the “Update Info” icon and complete information fields. Then click “Add New Adult” and enter parent contact information. Be sure to click “Save Changes”.
  • Click the red “GO TO CHARMS” button below.
  • Enter your child’s Student Area Password,  which should be a unique password you were prompted to create the first time you logged on to CHARMS.
  • Be sure all information for the student and at least one adult is correct and updated for this school year, including t-shirt size.
  • After you log in to CHARMS, click on the FINANCES ICON 
  • On the following screen, you will see the Student Financial Statement. Scroll down to the Fixed Payment section.
  • In the column “Paid by” click on the button next to the Participation Fee amount.
  • Click on “Pay Fixed Payments” to turn the button blue.
  • A new window will come up confirming the total amount you will pay via PayPal.  Click on the green “Start Payment” button.
  • Then you will be automatically linked to a PayPal window where you can check out with a PayPal account or with a debit or credit card. Once you have completed your payment you will be returned to CHARMS with a confirmation screen.
  • After you log in to CHARMS, click on the ON-LINE STORE ICON 
  • Select “Choose” next to the item you would like to order.
  • Choose options (if options apply) on the left list, and then select the item in the right list (in white).  Make your selections in BOTH lists. If there is no description in the second list, click on “No Description (add to cart)”. Do not yet click on “Update Cart.”
  • Next, you will select the quantity of that item that you would like to order and click the green “Update Cart” button.
  • Now your order appears on the top of the screen. You can continue to shop, edit or delete the item or check out.
  • You have the option to pay via PayPal or to print out the order and pay via check or cash. In the “choose a payment option” drop-down menu, select either “PayPal” or “Bill and Print”, and then select “Process Payment”.
  • If you choose to pay by check please make the check payable to Walton Choral Booster Club, write the student’s name and order number in the check memo line, and place the check (or cash) and order printout in a Treasurer’s envelope in the locked box in the chorus room.