Summary – Week of 3/30

  • SWE Auditions, Tuesday March 31st
  • A Cappella Auditions, Thursday April 2nd
  • Charms Assignment, Friday, April 3rd by 4PM
  • No practice log/reflections this week.
  • Officer Applications due by Friday, April 17th
  • See below for details…

SWE Auditions Tuesday, March 31st

In light of continued school closures, we will complete SWE auditions online via video submission. On Tuesday, March 31st, those who submitted a SWE application will receive an email at 12:00 PM that contains (1) audition instructions, (2) a sight-reading example for your voice part (alto or soprano) and (3) a voice memo in which the key is identified, the scale is played and the starting pitch is played.  Visit this page for more details.

A Cappella Auditions Thursday, April 2nd

Students who applied for A Cappella will still audition April 2nd using FaceTime.  Students should have received an email from Dr. Williams with instructions and an audition time.  Contact Dr. Williams if you did not receive the email.

Assignment for Friday, April 3rd

Your assignment for Friday, April 3rd at 4PM is to record yourself singing your part of ONE spring concert piece and uploading it to CHARMS (see document entitled “Charms Blue Assignment”).

Please select your favorite piece from your spring concert music and record yourself singing only that piece.

Officer Applications due by Friday, April 17th

Officer applications and officer duty descriptions have been updated and are available online. Due to the unusual circumstances this year, we have done away with the signatures element of the application. Applications must be submitted to Dr. Williams or Mrs. Allyn via email by Friday, April 17th. 

Downloads & Forms

PDFs and Rehearsal Tracks

Each class has a password-protected folder that can be accessed by going to In each folder, you will find PDF’s of your music and rehearsal tracks for each part.

Virtual Office Hours

We will have daily Teacher Virtual Office Hours from 1:00-1:30 PM each day, which means we will be available via email.