Congratulations to the 20-21 Chorus Student Officers


Leah B


Kareena B, Social Media

Gabe E Lettering

Riya V, Tri-M and Fine Arts Diploma Seal

Concert Managers

Austin D

Ellie Kate C


Audrey B, Head Librarian

Emma W

Natalie K

Clara R

A Cappella Co-Presidents

Gabrielle B

Anna M

Bel Canto Co-Presidents

Kinley C

Mary Elizabeth T

Camerata Singers Co-Presidents

Hannah B

Carter C

Men’s Ensemble Co-Presidents

David H

Jake L

Select Women’s Ensemble President

Lindsay J

All-State Chorus Chairperson

Gabriella P

9th Grade Treble Choir

Nairita S, President

Ansleigh S, Vice President

Varsity Women President

Kaitlyn T

Teacher Apprentices

Peyton S

Kaitlyn T

Sarah T

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Walton Chorus Officers!


President: NATALIE W.

A Cappella President: ZAIM Z.

Camerata Singers President: ELLEN C.

Men’s Ensemble President: COOPER H.

Men’s Ensemble Vice-President: ALEX E.

Raider Singers President: DAVID H.

Select Women’s Ensemble President: CHANNING G.

Varsity Women’s Chorus Presidents: MADDIE M. & RACHEL N.

Bel Canto Co-Presidents: ELLIE-KATE C. & LAURA M.

Bel Canto Vice-President: NATILEE K.

Tour Choir Presidents: CHRISTY G. & COOPER H.

Vice-Presidents: ALLISON D., MOLLIE F. & PRIA S.

Concert Manager: LEAH B.

Assistant Concert Managers: GABBY J. & JEANETTE M.

Librarian: TYLER C.

Assistant Librarians: AUDREY B., ANNA M. & EMMA W.

Congratulations to the 2018-19 Walton Chorus Officers!


President: SAMEER J & EMMA L

A Cappella Presidents: CHRIS A & ELIZABETH S

Camerata Singers Presidents: CAROLINE C & LAUREL M

_________(GRANT J, Men Section Leader)

Men’s Ensemble President: SAMEER J

_________Men’s Ensemble Vice-President: COOPER H & ZAIM Z

Raider Singers Presidents: COOPER H & ZAIM Z

Select Women’s Ensemble President: AMELIA R

Varsity Women’s Chorus Presidents: TAYLOR A & SHIRA B

Vice-President of Communication: FAREEDA I

Vice-Presidents: JAMIE L & LAUREN T

Liason for Tri-M and Fine Arts Diploma Seal: EMMA H

Concert Manager: AVA Z

Assistant Concert Managers: CHANNING G & NATALIE W

Librarian: SARAH H

Assistant Librarians: TYLER C & PRIA S

Camerata Singers Librarian: EMILY R

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