Walton Chorus Recordings from 2018 LGPE

Congratulations to all of our students for continuing our tradition of exemplary performances at Choral Evaluations!  Our eight choirs earned 28 Superior (the highest) ratings and 4 Excellent (the next highest) ratings in choral performance and music reading.  The judges were so complimentary of our students.  Below are some of the judges’ comments for our choirs, followed by the recordings of our performances so that you may hear their outstanding work.

A Cappella:  “Amazing sound!!!”  “You are a stellar group.  Congrats!”

Bel Canto:  “Faultless intonation and remarkable precision.”  “Gorgeous tone — warm and rich.”

Camerata Singers:  “Amazing focus on the stage.”  “The balance and blend of this ensemble was excellent!”

Männerchor:  “So happy to see so many men!”  “You have tons of potential.  Keep listening to your teacher and you will be great!”

Men’s Ensemble:  “Great looking group — awesome!”  “I really enjoyed your performance.  Bravo!!!”

Select Women’s Ensemble:  “Exquisite tone. Bravo!”  “Women’s chorus performing quality repertoire from female composers.  Such a great performance.  Thanks for the goosebumps.”

Varsity Women’s Chorus:  “Your tone is flawless.  The warmth of tone is on the collegiate level.”
“Nearly miraculous how unified you are.  It’s as if you are all of one spirit.  So many singers, and yet ONE unified “voice.'”

Women’s Concert Choir:  “Beautiful, velvety tone; rich and pure.”  “Beyond the notes on the page, your performance is inspired with musicianship.”

A Cappella:

Ascendit Deus

Tonight Eternity Alone


Bel Canto:


He’s Gone Away, Will He Remember?


Camerata Singers:

Seal Lullaby

Emerald Stream



Non Nobis Domine

Speak the Truth


Men’s Ensemble:

In Flanders Field

Now Look Away Into Heaven


Select Women’s Ensemble:

There Is No Rose

Love Is A Rain of Diamonds


Varsity Women’s Chorus:

Danny Boy

I Thank You God


Women’s Concert Choir:

Johnny Said

No Lux Aeterna