Wondering about Lettering?

Whether you are new to Walton Chorus or not, there are always questions about Lettering – what do I have to do, how many points do I need, how do I get points recorded, and more. Here are some of the details you may be wondering about lettering.

All chorus members may qualify to Letter by using a merit point system.

To qualify for a letter award, a choral student must:

  • Sing in all concerts, extra rehearsals, and the Georgia Music Educators Association Large Group Performance Evaluation.
  • Exhibit exemplary behavior and attitude.
  • Earn 100 letter points – 45 of these points must be earned through fundraising.

All requests for points must be turned in by April 3, 2020.  Lettering points will not be accepted after this date.

For more details, look for item 10 – Lettering – on the Forms page at waltonchorus.com.