A Cappella and Select Women’s Ensemble Rosters for 2021-2022 School Year

A Cappella 2021-2022

Madison A.
Sam B.
Rowen B.
John B.
Kiana C.
Alex C
Evan C.
Jack D.
Austin D.
Emoni E.
Sophia G.
Vinay G.
Ansley H.
Adam H.
Dhanya I.
Omer I.
Maya I.
Tony K.
Parker K.
Bruce L.
Dana M.
Drew M.
Jake M..
Ana M.
Sarah M.
Gabriela P.
Connor P.
Ashley R.
Megan S.
Katie S.
Ansleigh S.
Kathrine S.
Nairita S.
Kailey T.
Eliza W.
Meredith Y.

Select Women’s Ensemble 2021-2022

Abby B
Sophie B
Anna B
Garland B
Hannah B
Makena B
Gigi C
Ellie-Kate C
Kinley C
Piper C
Mackenzie C
Emily C
Abby D
Norah D
Rose F
Gabrielle G
Sarah H
Olivia H
Ishiqa M
Laura M
Kate M
Annabelle N
Sophie P
Abby P
Jordyn P
Katelyn Q
Clara R
Jillian R
Grace S
Samantha S
Peyton S
Lauren T
Reagan T
Rebekah T
Mary Elizabeth T
Graycen W
Margo W
Danielle Y

Congratulations to the 2020 Chorus Scholarship winners

The Robert Shaw Choral Scholarship goes to Zaim Zibran. Zaim is President of A Cappella, past President of Raider Singers, and an All-State Chorus member. He has tutored students during lunch and founded a Noteworthy Connections club to perform for Senior citizens. Read Zaim’s essay.

Natalie Wolff has been selected to receive one of two Walton Chorus Scholarships. Natalie will attend the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music with a major in Musical Theater. Natalie is President of Walton Chorus and a talented soloist. Read Natalie’s essay.

The second Walton Chorus Scholarship is given to Luc Wagner. Luc will attend Becker College, majoring in Interactive Media/Game Design. Luc serves as Bass section leader. He has earned a spot in the All-State Chorus all four years and is an excellent pianist and composer. Read Luc’s essay.

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 A Cappella and Select Women’s Ensemble

A Cappella 2020-2021

Lyndsey A
Madison A
Kareena B
Leah B
Gabrielle B
Sam B
Audrey B
Kiana C
Alex C
Ella C
Evan C
Jack D
Austin D
Trevor D
Michael D
Gabe E
Emoni E
Sophie F
Isable G
Sophia G
David H
Ansley H
Adam H
Emma H
Daniel H
Tony K
Parker K
Bruce L
Jake L
Anna Mu
Gabriela P
Ashley R
Katie S
Megan S
Ansleigh S
Nairita S
Kaitlyn T
Riya V
Eliza W

Select Women’s Ensemble 2020-2021

Emily A
Lily A
Abby B
Sophie B
Anna B
Jillian B
Hannah B
Jordan B
Sarah B
Sarah C
Olivia C
Maggie D
Norah D
Emma-Kate E
Amanda E
Emily F
Rose F
Kaye G
Anne H
Sydney H
Julia H
Sadie H
Olivia H
Lindsay J
Hanna L
Kathryn L
Laura M
Sabrina N
Sophie P
Ellie P
Maddie P
Katelyn Q
Sarayu R
Clara R
Georgia R
Jillian R
Grace S
Kathrine S
Elise S
Samantha S
Peyton S
Lauren T
Sarah T
Rose W
Graycen W
Margo W
Emma W