Winter Concert Tickets

Everyone should now have received their 2 tickets to the December 9 concert at Lassiter Concert Hall.  As a reminder, if you need extra tickets or need to exchange, the request form included with your tickets is due this Friday, November 10.  We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to seeing you at the concert!

Oct. 5 Concert News

Our Fall Concert is this Thursday! Please arrive at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church ten minutes before your warm-up time dressed in your formal concert attire.    All students should have eaten supper prior to arrival.  All choirs except Women’s Concert Choir and Mannerchor should get in line on the 3rd floor.  Your choir’s warm-up time is the time you should start coming in the choir loft area of the sanctuary.

Choir warm-ups/logistics in Sanctuary:

5:30 pm           Select Women’s Ensemble

5:40 pm           Tour Choir

5:50 pm           Varsity Women’s Chorus

6:00 pm           Camerata Singers

6:15 pm           A Cappella

6:25 pm           Women’s Concert Choir

6:35 pm           Männerchor

6:45 pm           Bel Canto

6:55 pm           Men’s Ensemble

7:05 pm           ALL – Run through Alma/Kiss

7:15 pm           House Opens

7:30 pm           Concert begins


Spring Concert Warm-Up Schedule

Tuesday, April 25
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, 955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta, GA 30068

4:25 pm           A Cappella – Wear an outfit the elderly would wear.

4:45 pm           Select Women’s Ensemble – Wear a young professional outfit – black dresses or black pants suit. Hair can be in a bun, half-up – well kept.

5:05 pm           Varsity Women’s Chorus – Seniors should wear white dresses and juniors should wear solid pastel dresses.

5:15 pm           Camerata Singers – Wear an occupational outfit (lawyer, doctor, policeman, plumber, hairdresser, flight attendant, etc…). Students need to sign-up for occupation with Jeter and Emily.

5:45 pm           Men’s Ensemble – Wear a frat look.

6:05 pm           Männerchor – Wear a preppy looking shirt and shorts with some sort of high school spirit layered on – high school spirit can be lacrosse jackets, football jackets, baseball hats, Raider spirit – anything in the Walton athletic spirit. (Frat look for Mens’ Ensemble underneath high school spirit for Mannerchor).

6:25 pm           Bel Canto – Wear a toddler-like outfit (denim overalls or skirt; button-down, collared blouse; white ruffled socks; Keds; hair in pigtails, ponytail, braids, etc… with big bows). 

6:45 pm           Women’s Concert Choir – Wear a onesie with traction socks – hair can be in pigtails, ponytails, half-up, etc… Girls can also wear headbands, have pacifiers, blankets, etc… They will obviously not be able to have the pacifiers when we sing, but they can use them as props on the way up to the stage and to their seats. 

7:05 pm           ALL – Run through “Circle of Life”

7:15 pm           House Opens

7:20 pm           Students seated in assigned areas

7:30 pm           Concert begins