GMEA, Georgia Music Educators Association program held in Athens, Ga in February. The first regional audition is held in November.


This is our annual Awards night held in May. Any chorus student and parent may attend with a paid ticket. Awards, Letters, and Scholarships are given out, while we enjoy a dinner and talent performances by chorus members. The banquet is followed by a dance.

Braves Game:

Any student may sign up to sing the National Anthem at a Braves game in the Fall. (SEE CALENDAR)

Booster Club:

The Walton Chorus Booster Club is the parent organization that supports the chorus. For more information CLICK HERE.


The Chorus Directors and Booster Board members use CHARMS to keep track of students, lettering points, contact information, calendar events, volunteers, and much more. To log in to your CHARMS account:
School Code: WaltonHSChoir

Where it says “Student Area Password” enter your student’s ID NUMBER (this is your student’s lunch/textbook number). This will bring up the main parent page, which allows access to the public calendar, event list, handouts and other files.

Chorus: What chorus am I in?

Women’s Concert Choir: Women (usually Freshmen) singing in a chorus for the first time
Raider Singers: Freshmen women who have performed in a chorus previously and Freshmen men
Bel Canto: Sophomore women
Camerata Singers: Junior and Senior women, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior men
Varsity Women’s Chorus: Women in Camerata and A Cappella
Men’s Ensemble: all men (Freshmen, Camerata Singers, and A Cappella)
Select Women’s Ensemble: Sophomore, Junior, and Senior women by auditions only (which take place in April)
A Cappella: Sophomore, Junior, and Senior men  and women by auditions only (which take place in April)

Concerts: Where and when are the concerts?

The concerts are held at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, 955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta, GA 30068. Students wear chorus t-shirts to school on concert days.

There are usually 3 concerts a year and are listed on the website calendar. Everyone also sings at the Homecoming pep rally.

The concerts are free, but there is no reserved seating unless you have made a donation to the Booster Club of $250 or more.

Students arrive at the assigned time for their choir in order to rehearse before the concert. Rehearsal is closed door, meaning no audience. Doors open for audience seating about 15 minutes before the concert.

Fashion Show:

The Fashion Show is held in conjunction with the Silent Auction in January. It is part fashion show and part talent show put on by the chorus students and organized by a Booster Committee.


The two primary means of fundraising are through the Booster Club donations and the Fashion Show & Silent Auction.  We also have a small “fun”draiser selling lollipops at the home football games. Donations and fundraisers support classroom needs, events, field trips and activities for ALL chorus students.

Hawks Game:

Boys perform the National Anthem at an Atlanta Hawks Basketball game in the Spring. Anyone may attend the game.

Lettering Points:

Chorus students have the opportunity to earn points throughout the year toward a letter in Chorus.  100 points are required to letter, 45 of which are earned by supporting the Booster Club. For more information about the requirements please see the HANDBOOK.


Large Group Performance Evaluations are held in February by the Georgia Music Educators Association. This is mandatory for every choral student and counts as an exam grade. For more information see the GMEA LGPE website.

Silent Auction:

The Silent Auction is held in conjunction with the Fashion Show in January.

Spirit Wear:

Not required but lots of fun and helps support the Booster Club. for more information CLICK HERE.

Treasurer’s Box:

The Treasurer’s Box is located in the Chorus room (by the exterior exit door).  If you need to turn in payment for any activity please completely fill out the provided envelope and seal your cash or check and deposit into the lock box.

Uniforms: what is required?

The informal uniform is the chorus t-shirt.
The formal uniform for ladies is the gown, black concert shoes, and pearls.
The formal uniform for men is the tux, bow tie, black socks, and black dress shoes.

Volunteers: How can parents help with Chorus?

Chaperones are needed for each concert, trip, and Performance Evaluations. You will be assigned to a specific chorus or group of students for a specific time. Sign up is done via Sign-Up Genius.

Programs are handed out before each concert.

Refreshments are needed for specific events such as field trips, Fashion Show, Silent Auction, and Performance Evaluations.

Uniform fittings take place in August in the chorus room.

Photographers are designated to take photos at concerts and events for the archives.

Lollipops are sold at each home football game and parent volunteers monitor student volunteers.

Fashion Show & Silent Auction: Many volunteers are needed to help with our big fundraising event at the end of January. Volunteers help organize auction items, work the auction set-up and check-out, sell show and raffle tickets, help with managing the models, performers and stage crew, chaperone rehearsals and help with refreshments.takes place in May. Volunteers are needed to help with decorating, tickets,

Banquet takes place in May. Volunteers are needed to help with decorating, tickets, set-up and clean-up.

Please see the Volunteer Form to sign up.

Zwischenspiel: Interlude. Short music used to bridge the acts of a play, or the verses of a hymn.